Cisco 352-001 Exam Questions

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Question No. 1

At which two networks points is route summarization supported? (Choose two)

Answer: B, E

Question No. 2

Which three reasons to deploy an IDS sensor in promiscuous mode when you design a security solution are true? (Choose three.)

Answer: A, C, D

Question No. 3

Which IEEE standard is commonly used at the data link layer for an access network, in an IoT environment?

Answer: B

Question No. 4

Which three network management requirements are common practices in network design? (Choose three)

Answer: B, C, D

Question No. 5

Refer to the exhibit.

A customer interconnected hundreds of branch offices into a single DMVPN network, with the HUB in the main data center. Due to security policies, the customer requires that the default route for all Internet traffic from the users at the branches must go through the tunnel and the only connections that are allowed to and from the branch router over the local internet circuit are the DMVPN tunnels. Which two combined actions must you take on the branch router to address these security requirements and keep the solution scalable? (Choose two)

Answer: A, B

Question No. 6

Refer to the exhibit.

Answer: C

Question No. 7

A healthcare customer requested that health statistics from their infrastructure devices are to be sent over their service provider MPLS network. Which protocol must be enabled?

Answer: A

Question No. 8

An network is designed to use OSPF to reach eBGP peers. Which condition should be avoided in the design to potentially prevent the eBGP peers do not flap continuously in case of link failure?

Answer: C

Question No. 9

Which statement about SDN framework environment is true?

Answer: D

Question No. 10

Refer to the exhibit.

This layer 2 network is expected to add 150 VLANS over the next year, In addition to the existing 50 VLANs within the network which STP types will support this design requirement the least amount of CPU resource and achieving load balancing?

Answer: C

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