Top Certifications for Tech Moms to Avail More Opportunities in 2014

In a world where technology is highly merging with of our lives the professional certification ensures that the experts get maximum benefits for their works in terms of high salary. So, Prepnerds decide to collect some of highly useful and demanded certifications that can makes tech moms life easy in terms of employment by opening opportunities for getting good job and get accepted easily. Our research based on the fields that are more suitable and easy for moms and we also based on the fields that have high ration of working moms in it. Upcoming information will help you how you can get next and better post in your company by remaining in the same organization or by moving in another company.

The top certifications that are valued highly for tech moms are:

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) certification is the industry standard for demonstrating competence in managing and troubleshooting network environments based on Windows operating systems. Many IT professionals use the MCSA certification to prove their skills in this IT area. This certification is essential for network technicians, network operation analysts, information systems administrators, network administrators and/or system administrators. The certification can be completed with a wide range of online and campus based training. The Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) foundation of higher certifications needs expert solutions. This certification requires recertification every three years.

The MCSA certification has a server and a database with the following things under it:


  • Share point
  • Communication
  • Messaging
  • Private cloud
  • Desktop infrastructure
  • Server infrastructure


  • Business intelligence
  • Data platform

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is an independent information security certification that is formally approved by Department of Defense (DoD) in both their managerial and Information Assurance technical categories. The CISSP covers variety of Information Security topics that is based on common body of language. It allows information security professionals to resolve, discuss, debate matters with a common understanding. The professionals completing a certification of CISSP have a high chance of getting a huge salary after completing the certification of this course.

The CISSP certification covers the following domains:

  • Physical security
  • Business continuity
  • Operations security
  • Security design
  • Software development security

Project management Salary (PMI) certification is a certification that demonstrates the competency, experience and education. PMI certification ensures that you succeed in a project apart from raising your salary at a hefty amount. The certification also ensures better performance in all fields by the project managers. It is developed by the practitioners that represent the global outlook whilst giving a financial and technical edge.

The Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) certifications is a network for engineers, technicians and support engineers that are enable to work efficiently with the network environment that has an understanding of network design fundamentals. The professionals demonstrate the skill needed to design basic campus, data center, security, and voice and wireless networks.

These are some of the highest paid certifications that are in huge demand and would continue to be in the year 2014 for tech moms. PrepNerds prepare the professionals and for further knowledge in the certification courses