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Question No. 1

ABC Company offers services that are tailored for different vertical markets. They want to use Software-as-a-Service but they are concerned abort security. Which cloud type is best for them?

Answer: B

Question No. 2

An organization is considering a public cloud migration and wants to perform a month-long trial. Which means of connecting to the cloud provider during the trial period would incur the least amount of cost?

Answer: D

Question No. 3

An engineer for a Cloud Service Provider is configuring a pair of Cisco ASA 5585 firewall devices to minimize the impact of unwanted access to the data center. Which configuration must the engineer use for the firewall pair, in order to maximize network resources?

Answer: B

Question No. 4

Service providers can use multi tenant data centers to efficiently and economically provide cloud services

using shared hardware and network infrastructures. Which two options does this approach require? (Choose


Answer: B, C

: complete separation of network traffic by tenant, along with strict access control policies


Question No. 5

Which two ports are used by Intercloud fabric tunnel ports? (Choose two.)

Answer: A, C



Question No. 6

Which three options are the primary security architectural principles for VMDC data center security? (Choose three.)

Answer: B, D, E

The primary security architectural principles for VMDC data center security are secure separation,

visibility, isolation, resiliency,


Question No. 7

A startup company wants to expand its current e-commerce platform to a public cloud that enables the

customer to store client financial dat

Answer: B, C

Question No. 8

Which three statements about thick provisioning are true? (Choose three.)

Answer: B, C, D

: A thick disk has all space allocated at creation time. This space may contain stale data on the

physical mediA. Before writing to a new block a zero has to be written, increasing the IOPS on new blocks compare to Eager disks. The entire disk space is reserved and unavailable for use by other virtual machines.

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